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Wisconsin Laws

It is currently illegal to sell any tobacco or nicotine products to minors in Wisconsin. This includes electronic cigarettes and bottled liquids that contain nicotine, but not products that do not contain nicotine. WSAC supports laws that prohibit the sale of all electronic cigarette and vapor products to minors and urges vape shops not to allow people under the age of 18 into their store without a parent present.

The following municipalities have laws specific to electronic cigarettes and vapor devices:

Use of vapor products of any kind is banned in public places, school grounds and municipal buildings.

Eau Claire
Prohibits use of e-cigarette and vapor devices in all city buildings, city buses, all schools and Hobbs Ice Center.

Florence County
Prohibits use of vapor products wherever smoking is prohibited by state law; on school grounds; and on all county grounds (excluding parks and forestland) by defining”smoking” to include the use of vapor products. Prohibits sale or gifting of vapor products to anyone under 18 years old. Prohibits use of vapor products by anyone under the age of 18 years old. Penalties for violation shall be liable for no less than $100 and no more than $250 plus court costs of the county.

Fond du Lac County
Prohibits use of e-cigarette and vapor devices on all county property and in city vehicles, not including parks and beaches.

Bans the use of e-cigarettes and vapor devices where smoking is prohibited.

Prohibits the use of vapor devices anywhere smoking is banned. Exempts stores that have more than 75% of their revenue generated by vapor product sales. to allow for sampling in the store.

This ordinance bans e-cigarettes anywhere that smoking is banned in the state of Wisconsin. Onalaska also prohibits the possession and purchase of e-cigarettes by minors.

Do you know of any other laws in Wisconsin that affect e-cigarettes or other smoke-free alternatives? Please comment below!

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