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Why Join the Wisconsin Smoke-free Alternatives Coalition (WSAC)? 

All over the country, smoke-free alternatives are coming under attack. States, counties and municipalities are passing laws that restrict access, limit availability, prohibit use, increase costs and spread misinformation about products that have the potential to save millions of lives.

Vape OnTo date, only a few local governments in Wisconsin have enacted or attempted to enact laws that restrict public use but, if what has been happening in other states is any indication, that will change quickly. We must be prepared to fight laws that prohibit public use (including at meets, sampling in shops, outdoors and even in private homes), add up to 100% wholesale in tax penalties, require special licenses, ban sales and/or flavors, prohibit advertising and restrict stores from opening. Groups across the country have beaten back these deadly laws only with an organized, comprehensive and swift response.

WSAC was formed to be a command center for Wisconsin consumers of smoke-free alternatives and to provide truthful information about tobacco harm reduction products to the citizens of Wisconsin. It is a non-profit, grassroots organization formed by concerned consumers of smoke-free tobacco alternatives. WSAC’s founder, Kristin Noll-Marsh, is not affiliated with any company that sells vapor or tobacco products. WSAC provides links to studies and downloadable information for lawmakers and media sources. WSAC leaders are available to provide tips and strategies to help members fight laws in their area.

Joining our email list will let us alert you when something is hapening in your county in a more timely manner. The more people who join, the stronger influence WSAC has with lawmakers. Please join today and support smoke-free alternatives!

Joining WSAC is easy and membership is FREE!

Just fill out the quick form below. And don’t forget to join the WSAC Facebook group! Just click the Facebook icon above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t fill out the “County” field with a valid Wisconsin county, we won’t be able to send you any alerts if something happens in your area! If you own a vapor or tobacco store, please be sure to fill in your store’s name!



  1. jeremy says:

    i feel this shouldn’t be banned in any of a county’s that surround us ,because it has made people healthier then ever
    Lower heart rates,blood pressure of people i myself have converted,They’re days our longer,they even get out of they’re house more …
    E-cigs are the best thing in most of life’s besides our life it self ,that we will live longer thanks to e-cigs…


  2. Bud Discher says:

    Appointed representatives should be voting on what “We the people want, the one’s that voted them in” It’s sad to see our elected representatives voting and passing legislation that lakes our rights away from us. Our forefathers would be ashamed on how the people of our great nation are accepting all of the restrictions that are being imposed on the rights that they “Our forefathers” intended us ALL to have. The only way that they know which way to vote on any given topic is to inform them of your opinion.


  3. Grizzly Adam says:

    I have been vaping for almost two years (July will be my 2 year vape anniversary) Anyway. Id just like to say that it has helped me immensely without vaping I would still be smoking a pack and a half a day of cigs. Up until vaping I never even thought about quitting I was to addicted to the habit, to the chemicals and nicotine. Vaping changed all that thought with the new innovation of better tanks and mods the sky is the limit. I started at 18mg and I am down to 3 or 6mg depending on the juice and plan on in the next 6 months max not even messing with nicotine anymore so at that point it will just be pg/vg and flavoring. Now what other device to help smokers quit say that? Patches, gums, chantix (dangerous drug) can do that? I will make it easy for you NONE of them other than vaping is so effective. I owe my health and a longer life to ecigs and vaping. Im much more active now, I eat better, sleep better many ailments I once had such as shortness of breath and a few bouts of moderate psoriasis are gone. Not to mention just overall feeling better with clear lungs and a healthier lifestyle. Keep up the good fight, lets save smokers from an early death and continue to make the world a healthier place.


  4. joe says:

    Standing strong for our rights.


  5. Nick says:

    Vaping is the best alternative to cigarette smoking nothing should be ban…none of this is bad for you at all!! Its not hazardous to anyone around those who vape..it’s all water based smoke


  6. […] you join at Join WSAC « Wisconsin smoke-free others Coalition it adds you to our mailing list. You’ll be upday of the monthd by email if anything happens […]


  7. Robert Billman says:

    Well, where do I start? I am a 57 year old male and have smoked for 45+ years…..Menthol yet at that…..I’ve tried the gum, patches even Chantix with very little success. Vaping here in Pa. is not as prevalent as in some other states so when I witnessed a friend at work vaping I became intrigued and began asking questions. That was on a Thursday. Friday I bought my first started kit and by Monday I was no longer smoking cigarettes…..it was that quick. I no longer use my inhaler and at night when I lay down to sleep, I no longer have the wheezing in my chest that would actually keep me awake. To place any regulations or to ban any aspect of vaping would not only be unwise but a totally inappropriate action to prevent the public the opportunity to improve their health. To date 4/16/15 I have been smoke free for 1 year 12 days with no regrets so please, consider the benefits!


  8. Eric Smith says:

    If vaping gets banned in Wisconsin, It will not be because it is unsafe, which we all know it is not, it will be because it is killing the traditional tobacco market and because of tobacco’s special interest groups. Much like the music industry, the tobacco industry is run by OLD,single minded, people who have no vision of the future and are unwilling to change the way they deliver their product despite what their customers are begging for and demanding, which is killing their sales, just like it did the recording industry until they finally saw the writing on the wall and were forced to start delivering music in digital formats. Well, people are now wanting digital cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs. If the tobacco industry is not willing to change it’s delivery format and should they choose to stick with the analogue cigarette then it will die just like the analogue music industry almost did. Give us the products we want; the way we want them, Big Tobacco, and you’ll continue to thrive. Refuse, and you’ll just be hammering nails into your own coffin. We all know how unsafe tobacco cigarettes are and that they literally KILL thousands of people in this country every year. We have been willfully lied to by “Big Tobacco” about the health safety of tobacco use and I, for one, refuse to use them. I would rather be a criminal and make my own e-liquid at home, which has no nicotine by the way, than to go back to smoking regular old tobacco cigarettes ever again. I have been smoke-free for more than 4 years now and I WILL NOT return to tobacco cigarettes UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Should Wisconsin choose to make me and other former smokers criminals, then that shall, indeed, be a sad day for this, or any other, state that they allow hysteria and inuendo to prevail over science and facts.


  9. daxoid says:

    Good Morning. My name is ben, and I’m a cigaholic. It’s been 657 days since my last cigarette. I vape because it is indisputably BETTER for me than using traditional cigarettes. I never claim vaping is “good” for me. And I never say I am an “ex-smoker”. I freely admit that if all my vaping materials were suddenly eliminated, I have no doubt I would trundle off to my local Marlboro dealer and purchase a fresh pack, because for over 30 years, my little red box was as much a part of my life as getting dressed, or eating a sammich. (I strongly suspect that first puff would put me on the floor, coughing like I was dying, and clutching my chest, so it would probably be a very short visit, but I’d still have to know.) They can legislate, regulate, mandate, and any other “ate” they care to, but there can only be one of two possible outcomes. Either they will posture and preen while they spread negative propaganda about my vaping while not actually interfering with my ability to do so, or they can make it illegal, which will probably result in conversations like this; ” Hey man, what are you in for?” “Me? Fighting and resisting arrest. How about you?” “Vaping.”


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