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Booklet CoverSmoking Ordinances & Electronic Cigarettes: A review of e-cigarette facts and the unintended consequences of amended public smoking ordinances to prohibit electronic cigarette use.
This 12-page booklet can be printed and bound in a report folder to hand out to municipal and county lawmakers. Don’t wait until a ban is being considered! Get this to your local lawmakers before the opposition!

Download PDF



Why Join the WSAC Flyer.graphic
WSAC Membership Drive Flyer
In order for WSAC to have strength and influence with lawmakers and get media attention, we need numbers! Take this flyer with sign-up sheets to your local shops (if you are a shop owner, please put in your shop) and ask customers and staff to sign up either using the attached form or online.

Download PDF



WSAC Petition Flyer
Wisconsin Stop The Ban Petition Poster/Handout

Take this to vape shops (and convenience stores/tobacco shops that sell cigalikes) to display and hand out to customers/vapers!
Includes QR Code for smartphones that links to the WSAC website.

Download PDF



Vapor Product Bill Petition Hard Copy
Petition to Wisconsin Legislature to Support Rep. Kleefisch’s Vapor Products Bill (Hard Copy)
This bill prevents local municipalities from passing ordinances that include vapor products in smoking bans. Also prohibits use of vapor products in or around schools, child care facilities and hospitals. Take this to vape shops and get customers who haven’t already signed it online to sign it and help us get this bill passed! Click here to read the proposed bill.

Download PDF


Ecigarettes and Formaldehyde Chart

E-cigarette and Formaldehyde Exposures Chart

This chart is a visual tool to demonstrate how low the level of “toxic” formaldehyde is in second-hand vapor compared to other possible exposures. Anti-vapor groups often claim the chemicals found in vapor products are “toxic” and could cause harm. Formaldehyde is frequently mentioned. Clearly, although the chemicla has been “detected,” the levels found couldn’t possibly be harful to bystanders.
Copy & Share this link: https://wsac4wi.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/ecigarettes-and-formaldehyde-chart.png



2015 High School Tobacco Use Vs EcigarettesHigh School Tobacco Use and Smoking vs. E-cigarette Use Chart

This chart is a visual demonstration showing no increase in youth smoking and tobacco use since 2009, in spite of increased experimentation with vapor products. Anti-vapor groups often claim that the increased youth use of vapoir products will lead to nicotine addiction and act as a “gateway” to smoking. Although vapor products have been available in the United States sine at least 2007, youth smoking rates have continued to decline. If vapor products were leading to smoking, the smoking rates of youth would be rising, not declining to historic lows.
Copy & share this link: https://wsac4wi.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/2015-high-school-tobacco-use-vs-ecigarettes.png


Solid vs Liquid Particulates


Solid Particulates vs. Liquid Particulates Graphic
The graphic is a visual analogy to demonstrate the difference between solid and liquid particulates. Anti-vapor groups have been claimijng that studies showing that vapor products deliver “particulates” deep into the lungs, but fail to distinguish the vast differnce between damaging solid particals, which may lodge in tissues and cause damage; and liquid particals, which can be absorbed and flushed from the body.
Copy & share this link: https://wsac4wi.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/solid-vs-liquid-particulates.png


WSAC Supporter Badge

Show your support!
Post this WSAC Supporter Badge on your website, blog or social network profile. Either download to your desktop and upload to your account or use the link.
Click here for full size then right-click to save: https://wsac4wi.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/wsac-supporter-badge.jpg


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