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Northcentral Technical College bans tobacco use (and vaping) on all campuses

NTC Tobacco Free CampusNORTHERN WISCONSIN – Many colleges across Wisconsin ban tobacco on campus. Now, Northcentral Technical College can join that group.

As of August 1st, all NTC campuses banned tobacco on campus, including chewing tobacco and E-cigarettes. NTC staff sees this as a way to protect student health.

“As we looked at the overall wellness of our students, staff, and our visitors, we felt like that shift was a positive shift to make,” said NTC Director of Student Development Shawn Sullivan. “But we made that shift with the intention of also offering resources and services to those students and staff who are interested in quitting the use of tobacco.”
The change got rid of designated smoking zones. NTC staff says student feedback has been positive so far.
“Students appreciate the fact that they don’t have to walk through smoke or see the tobacco use on campus,” said Sullivan. “Obviously there are some students who have questions and we’ve been dealing with those students individually, offering to have conversations with them to get their feedback, because we think everybody’s feedback is important.”
There will be penalties [$25 for the third offense, possible expulsion and being banned from campus] for those who don’t follow the rules.
“I think initially we’re going to go with a strong educational slant with our enforcement, educating people on the new policy, issuing warning,” said Sullivan. “If we see people are repeatedly violating the new policy then there are consequences, there are fines, and then there’s also possible disciplinary action for students.”
NTC campuses serve about 4,000 students. NTC is offering resources for students who want to quit tobacco use.

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