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Since 2006, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have been increasingly marketed in the United States and are becoming popular with smokers (many of whom are now former smokers thanks to e-cigarettes).

Lawmakers are being inundated with model legislation from lobbyists and representatives of public health organizations to restrict sales, advertising and public use of electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, most of the information provided to lawmakers is from special interests that have a clear agenda against tobacco harm reduction policies and/or financial ties to industries that sell products that are in direct competition with e-cigarettes.

WSAC has leadership with over half a decade of tobacco harm reduction advocacy experience and is Wisconsin’s only e-cigarette and smoke-free alternatives organization. This website answers the most common questions and responds to claims made about harm reduction and e-cigarettes.

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Wisconsin e-cigarette organzation, Wisconsin vaping group, Smoke-free alternatives


Indoor bans lead to increased taxes and worse. Please helps us reach out to Wisconsin lawmakers to support LRB 1116/5 by asking your friends and family to sign, too!


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